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Aptamer - Ayass Research Institute

Transcriptome Analysis

Uncover Health-Related Condition Insights and Therapeutic Opportunities from Transcriptome Data. Transcriptome sequencing powered by AI provides unprecedented insights into disease mechanisms, pathways, and personalized therapies.

NGS - Ayass Research Institute

Next Generation Sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are new sequencing methods for DNA and RNA sequencing. Ayass Research Institute is using NGS in basic, applied, and clinical research.

Cancer - Ayass Research Institute

Cancer Metastasis Research

Despite advancements in cancer detection, cancer that comes back or spreads still presents a challenge to oncologists. Ayass Research Institute utilizes biomarkers that predict disease outcome.

Aptamer - Ayass Research Institute

Aptamers Development

Aptamers have essential advantages compared to traditional targeting molecules and antibodies: high specificity, thermal stability, high binding affinity and target discrimination, minimized batch-to-batch variation, thermal stability, decreased side effects, and lower cost of production.

Spatial Profiling - Ayass Research Institute


Spatial profiling enables deep phenotypic (Protein/RNA) profiling and mapping of those profiles to specific locations within the tissue context, giving a more precise view of molecular processes in cells and tissues.

Covid-19 Ayass Research Institute


Ayass Research Institute working to find ways to better understand, treat and eventually eliminate COVID-19 and the illness that results from infection.

Disease Prediction - Ayass Research Institute

Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning

Ayass Research Institute implementing machine learning models that can efficiently predict (based on our selection of biomarkers) the disease presence and progression in patients.









Bioinformatics Services


 Experienced bioinformatics specialists at Ayass BioScience, LLC can help with any type of NGS data analysis services to turn your samples into high quality data. Services can be customized to your specific project requirements.

IScan Services

IScan Services

Epigenomics / Methylation Services: Human Genotyping Arrays, Methylation Arrays, Animal Genotyping Arrays, Plant Genotyping Arrays